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FAITH, FOOD & the ENVIRONMENT is a project devoted to the vocation of agriculture — and especially directed to those who show leadership in producing nutritious foods and essential agricultural goods, such as fiber, feedstocks and renewable fuels.

Through this project we express our gratitude to farmers, ranchers and food producers: Yours is a blessed way of life that provides our “daily bread” and calls you to care for the land and the integrity of Creation.

The VOCATION of the AGRICULTURAL LEADER is a 30-page document that offers a faith-based reflection on today’s modern agriculture and food production practices.

In today’s global food system, many farmers and producers are beset by corporate interests which act first to meet their profit needs, even when social and environmental concerns cry out for a new system of agriculture.

Hunger still persists in a world of plenty, and those struggling in rural poverty require our special attention. The world also needs better ways of managing natural resources so that food production will be sustained for generations to come. We believe family farmers and smallholder food producers are essential to meeting both these challenges.

The ORGANIZERS of Faith, Food & the Environment seek to deepen the dialogue with agricultural leaders who are grappling with world food issues and environmental tipping-points. We hope our faith-based approach provides a moral and meaningful perspective that will inspire and guide a new generation of agricultural producers and leaders.