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FAITH, FOOD & the ENVIRONMENT is a faith-based project addressing the vocation of farming. We believe farmers, ranchers and food producers are called to a way of life that is more than a business or economic endeavor. True, they grow nutritious foods and agricultural goods for a world market, but they also serve as stewards of the land and as abiders of our cultural heritage.

The ORGANIZERS of this project hosted a SYMPOSIUM in November 2014 to initiate a discussion on how agricultural leaders can better apply their faith and ethical beliefs within the business of food production.

The proceedings of this symposium culminated in the publication The VOCATION of the AGRICULTURAL LEADER (2016), a faith-based reflection on today’s modern agriculture and food production system.

In March 2018, a follow-up conference was held to further explore the nature of family farming: “A NOBLE VOCATION: Integrating Faith, Food and the Environment

We hope our faith-based approach provides a unique perspective that will inspire and guide a new generation of agricultural producers and leaders.