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FAITH, FOOD & the ENVIRONMENT is a project devoted to the vocation of agriculture.

We believe farmers, ranchers and food producers are called to a special way of life, a blessed one that provides our “daily bread” — the abundance of nutritious foods — and also stewards the land in respect of the integrity of Creation.

Our most significant achievement to date is the 2016 publication of The VOCATION of the AGRICULTURAL LEADER, a faith-based reflection on today’s modern agriculture and food production system.

The ORGANIZERS of Faith, Food & the Environment seek to deepen the dialogue with agricultural leaders who are grappling with world food issues and environmental concerns. A NATIONAL CONFERENCE set for March 21-23, 2018, in St. Paul, Minn., will examine how farm leaders and advocates can integrate the principles of faith with the production of food and stewardship of the environment.

We hope our faith-based approach provides a moral and meaningful perspective that will inspire and guide a new generation of agricultural producers and leaders.