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What does the Encyclical Letter have to do with farmers?

Several U.S. agricultural leaders will help answer that question—and rub shoulders with high-ranking Vatican officials and the heads of global farming organizations—at an international conference in Milan, Italy. The June 27-28 conference on “Faith, Agriculture, Food and the Environment” is taking place in a monastery outside of Milan, the host city of Expo Milano 2015 happening […]

Expo Milano 2015 opens: we’ll be there in June

EXPO 2015 kicks off today in Milan, Italy, with 140 countries participating. Centered around the theme of sustainable food production, Expo Milano 2015 is expected to draw 20 million visitors before it wraps up a half-year from now, Oct. 31. With this world exposition as its backdrop, the Faith, Food & Environment project will hold its […]

Principles for a Sustainable Food Supply

In the previous blog posting (see below), Organizers of the first Faith, Food and Environment Symposium identified a number of “big picture” factors that have a significant impact on agriculture and food production around the world. The four factors we believe are most noteworthy are (1) economic globalization; (2) financialization (finance markets manipulating agricultural commodities); […]

Focusing on “Big Picture” Factors

As the Presentations of the 1st Symposium show, factors other than economic ones have a meaningful bearing on agriculture and food production. Appropriate technology, ecological harmony, social development and cultural aspirations all deserve analysis, as many academics and researchers continue to study. The organizers of the Faith, Food & Environment project have strained through the […]

Farm conference in France emphasizes centrality of “family”

A conference on family farming in the French countryside of Souvigny was held in late February, organized by Journees Paysannes. This Catholic organization is committed to protecting and promoting family farms and rural communities. We mention this event because it is part of the continuing effort to incorporate a number of different perspectives from the world […]

Humanity cannot exist without farmers, says Pope Francis

Vatican City, Jan. 31, 2015: Pope Francis spoke with farmers during a public audience and told them that in a world marked by wastefulness, they have the important vocation of caring for the earth and providing for all of humanity. “Care for the earth, making alliance with it,” he counseled them, “in order that it […]