Milan Program

“Saturday ~ June 27, 2015

Greetings & Welcome: James Ennis, President, International Catholic Rural Association


1st Session: “Laudato Si and the Vocation to Agriculture”

Cardinal Peter Turkson, President, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace


2nd Session: “Ethics and Right to Food”

Vincenzo Buonomo, Head Officer, Permanent Mission of the Holy See to U.N. Food & Agriculture Organization and World Food Program


3rd Session: “Economical Geography of Hunger Today”

Prof. Leonardo Becchetti, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Rome Tor Vergata

This session also features Voices from the Continents:

  • Doug Peterson, President, Farmers Union Enterprises (USA)
  • Marco Marzano, Executive Director, World Farmers Organization
  • Evelyn Nguleka, President, World Farmers Organization
  • Stephen Kagoro, Vice President, International Catholic Rural Association for AFRICA
  • Jose Fernando Arancibia, Vice President, International Catholic Rural Life for SOUTH AMERICA
  • Fr. Rene Tacastacas, Vice President, International Catholic Rural Life for ASIA
  • Michael-Thierry Dupont, Vice President, International Catholic Rural Life for EUROPE


4th Session: “The Project of the Vocation of the Leader in Agriculture”

Christopher Thompson, St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity, & James Ennis, Catholic Rural Life (USA)


Sunday ~ June 28, 2015

5th Session: “Food Production and Climate Change”

Calvin De Witt, University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)


6th Session: “The Right to Food as a Prerequisite of Food Security”

Paolo Groppo, Territorial Development Officer, Food & Agriculture Organization


Concluding Session: Initiating a Process of Renewal

  • Introduction by Vincenzo Conso, Coordinator of the Forum of Catholic-inspired NGOs
  • Experiences from some NGOs in various continents
  • Conclusions and Message of the International Catholic Rural Association to the World